Q: Will my images contain the Days Inn logo?
A: Yes, the Days Inn watermark will be added to each printed image you order.

Q: Is the Days Inn Sunburst art package mandatory?
A: At this time, the program is undergoing a soft launch and participation is optional. If you do participate we ask that you comply with the requirements described in these FAQs. Days Inn is looking to mandate the program in early 2017.

Q: Where do I mount the three-piece lobby Sunburst art package?
A: It should be mounted in a prominent place in your lobby, either behind the front desk or on a primary wall easily visible to guests. You are free to relocate the Days Inn sign behind the front desk to another location in order to mount your Sunburst art package in its place.

Q: Can the three-piece lobby Sunburst art package be broken up and mounted in different places?
A: No. The lobby art package is designed to be a collection that is mounted together. You will receive a paper template that is taped to the wall for the purpose of showing where the picture mounts for all three frames are to be placed. Every Days Inn will use this same template to mount their photographs.

Q: Do I have a choice of images when purchasing my lobby Sunburst art package?
A: Yes, but only for two of the three images. The primary photograph (the sunrise photo on the left) is a permanent part of the lobby art package and cannot be replaced by any other image. You do have a choice of images for the two smaller photographs.

Q: Where do I hang the large photograph from the Days Inn guest room Sunburst art package?
A: The large photograph should be hung on the exterior bathroom wing wall facing the window (interior corridor) or door (exterior corridor) where it can stand alone.

Q: Can I hang the large photograph from the Days Inn guest room Sunburst art package above my beds if I do not have room on my exterior bathroom wall?
A: No. If, however, you wish to place the large photograph from the Days Inn guest room Sunburst art package in an alternative location, please submit a photo of the alternative location to the Days Inn brand leadership team for their approval.

Q: May I purchase additional guestroom Sunburst photographs for my guestrooms?
A: Yes.

Q: Do I need to remove my existing artwork and replace it with the new Days Inn Sunburst art package?
A: In most cases, the answer to this question is yes. If the program becomes mandatory, hotels will need to have one Sunburst image in their guest room, which in most cases will be on the bathroom wing wall. For hotels with existing artwork over the bed, these images should be removed and the wall painted with a brand-approved accent color.  Owners can also replace the existing artwork on the headboard wall with an image from the Days Inn Sunburst guestroom art package.

Q: Do I have to buy the smaller bathroom photograph from the Days Inn guestroom art package?
A: Yes. The smaller bathroom photograph is part of the Days Inn guestroom Sunburst art package.

Q: My suites have two bathrooms. Is it possible to purchase more than one bathroom photograph?
A: Yes. You may purchase additional images as needed for your hotel.

Q: Do you offer additional frame color options?
A: No, white is the only color for the picture frame.

Q: What is the lead time?
A: The artwork package will be shipped approximately 4-6 weeks after the art manufacturer receives a valid purchase order.

Q: What is the cost of shipping?
A: The cost to ship one box of lobby art (consisting of 3 images) to any Days Inn hotel in the continental U.S. via FedEx ground will be $39.

The cost to ship one ,two  or three  sets of guestroom art to any Days Inn hotel in the continental U.S. via FedEx ground will be $115. This is in addition to the $39 shipping charge for the one (1) box of lobby art. 

The cost for shipping larger orders of guestroom art depends on the size and weight of the order and shipping destination.

Q: Is this art only available for hotels in the United States?
A: At this time, yes; Days Inn is planning to introduce a similar program for hotels in Canada in the near future.

Q: How do I clean the images?
A: The art manufacturer recommends using a dry duster. If you need to clean the image, it is recommended to use a damp cloth.

Q: How do I install the Days Inn Lobby art?
A: For installation help, please click here to download instructions