How to Order

Renovating an existing property, upgrading to meet brand standards or transitioning to a new brand is easier with the right resources. Our Procurement Providers offer furniture, fixtures & equipment (FF&E) procurement as well as select providers offer project management and installation services. Those selected Procurement Providers work hand-in-hand with Wyndham Hotels & Resorts' approved FF&E manufacturers to ensure interior design projects meet quality and brand standards at a competitive price. They provide high-touch service, industry expertise, and exceptional project management capabilities.

Once you have selected the art, choose up to two images per size/room and contact an approved Procurement Provider to purchase.



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Boston Trade Interior Solutions



CPNA (Contract Partners of North America)




Guest Supply



Hotel Depot Services (HDS)

Amishi Parikh

908-222-9383 ext. 109



Hospitality Furnishings and Design (HFD)

David Kovarik

office 877-452-2117

direct 724-612-0994




888-465-0111 ext. 2075



Valiant Products Corporation

Mark Wooten









AVM Enterprises, Inc.




Champion Supply Co.





HD Supply Hospitality Solutions





Pacific Lodging Supply




Images featured are prototypical and are for representation purposes only; actual colors and styles may vary. All products and services are manufactured and/or provided by Interia Hospitality and not Wyndham Hotels & Resorts (WH&R) or its subsidiaries. Neither WH&R nor its subsidiaries are responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any statements made in this advertisement, the content of this advertisement (including the text, representations and illustrations) or any material on the listed supplier’s website to which the advertisement provides a link or a reference. Please refer to the applicable brand standards for your property prior to purchasing products.